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Zip Doctor is a monthly subscription based online telemedicine platform providing customers with unlimited, 24/7 access to board certified physicians and licensed mental and behavioral health counselors and therapists.

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LifeGuru is a website dedicated to providing an online platform for a variety of life, executive, leadership and career coaches to connect directly to their customers and clients to provide coaching and mentorship services

Life Guru’s mission is to guide and empower people around the world to master their lives. LifeGuru coaches will have diverse backgrounds; specializing in Career, Health and Well-being, Executive, Leadership, and Personal Transformational Life Coaching.

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In September of 2019, American International Holdings Corp. created Capitol City Solutions USA, Inc. CCS was formed to act as a general contracting and construction company focused on the remodeling, general construction and interior finish of both the Company’s newly established Novopelle branded med spa locations as well as to market to other commercial real estate projects within the United States.

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